At the end of the recent Food Bloggers Connect event in London we were all issued with bulging goodie bags. There were one or two interesting items, but by far the most useful gift was the zester donated by Microplane.

I have used this piece of equipment almost every day since unpacking it from the bag.

the best zester

old zester – now in the bin

Why is it so much better than my old zester?

Two reasons:

  1. It zests better – it skims the surface – covering it better so more zest comes off, but only skimming so the bitter white pith is never included
  2. I can use it for more things. I keep both horseradish and ginger in my freezer, so it is always ready for use. With this zester I can instantly grate, directly into whatever I am cooking. I also find it useful for chocolate (see Missisippi Mud Pie).

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