Saucy Dressings aims to complete this post – four weeks’ menus and recipes, plus a few spare by the end of 2018.

Every year an additional week’s menu, with the links to the individual recipes, is added.


For food in season in December, follow this link.

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This featured image is Druids Bringing In The Mistletoe by Edward Atkinson Hornel –  on show at the British Museum’s exhibition on the Celts in 2015.


Week’s menu for December No 1

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time of home”

Edith Sitwell


This month is all about Christmas…. and making it as easy and stress-free as possible. In between cooking sessions why not relax and treat yourself to the sparkling winter ballet, A Winter’s Tale, with the wonderful Royal Opera House performance with Sarah Lamb and Edward Watson. You can buy the whole ballet direct from Amazon, and you can see excerpts in the clip at the bottom of this post.


Sunday supper:


Monday evening poultry:


Tuesday evening:

night out!


Wednesday evening meat:


Christmas day menu:


Thank God It’s Friday drink:

Pink Gin


Friday evening fish:


Saturday lunch:




Week’s menu for December No 2


“If turkey is so damned exciting why do we eat it but once a year?

Those vast swathes of white arid flesh, the very definition of dreary dyspepsia, are things to endure rather than enjoy.

But, like Lear raging against the storm, my words are lost in the torrents of seasonal sentiment.”

Tom Parker Bowles


Saturday lunch:


Sunday supper:

  • Two versions of chilli con carne – one with mince and the other with stewing steak – and a whole selection of accompaniments involving avocados, cabbage salads, and tomato salsa


Monday evening meat:

  • partridge recipe


    Gammon…. and all the trimmings


Tuesday evening:

  • night out!


Wednesday evening poultry:


Thursday evening dinner party:


Thank God It’s Friday drink:


Friday evening fish:




Week’s menu for December No 3


“For some the best hour will come with the walk homewards in a gathering dusk, the winter sunset aflame in the west, and, as Dorothy Wordsworth put it, ‘the country very solemn in the last hour of twilight; it calls home the heart to quietness’”

Kitchen Essays, Agnes Jekyll


Saturday lunch:

  • quick Christmas snack (brie with cranberry sauce and new baked bread)
  • sweet Christmas pie


Sunday evening pasta:

  • my daughter’s morel, vermouth and chicken liver sauce for pasta


Monday evening meat:

  • cranberry and stilton-stuffed fillet of beef


Wednesday evening poultry:


Thursday dinner party:

  • with drinks: carpaccio of octopus with tapenade
  • starter: polenta, gorgonzola, chutney
  • main course: pork fillet alla Valtellinese with
  • vegetables: roasted carrots and parsnips with pomegranate and orange glaze  and
  • kale-ettes
  • Poor knight’s pudding 


Thank God it’s Friday cocktail:

  • maca martini  with
  • Spanish almonds with cranberries


Friday evening fish:



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