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Herman ze German selection of bratwurst

Marvels at the Maltby Street Market

“Subject: A new jewel of a food market discovery (I just had to share!)>Maltby Street market - in the shadow to the Shard.> I discovered an a...
restaurant review for le boudoir in Paris

Dining in Le Boudoir!

The Saucy Dressings' Roving Reporter has been frequenting Paris (see Lipstick) sometimes accompanied and sometimes solo.Here she gives a review of a happy d...
how to read an italian wine label

How to read an Italian wine label

A few years ago I went with my daughter to an evening session at The Wine Academy in Rome. We had a informative time but with poignant moments. It was just the ...
a visit to a market in Mysore

Marvellous mysteries at Mysore market

We were picked up from our homestay in Mysore by, Aabi, our guide for the morning. “Which tour company are you with?” Yamuna Achaiah, our homestay owner, asked ...