The main event for October is Halloween – which in culinary terms means pumpkin… there’s only one thing to be done with pumpkin (forget pumpkin pie) and that is to make it into a spicy soup with bacon. Thankfully there is still a lot of other, more interesting, produce with which to cook. October is the month, for example, when the truffle fair in Alba begins…

“Autumn’s here. We know that it’s just a short parenthesis before winter….Nights of real frost, by day blue skies over the first yellow leaves. October’s warm wine, the light’s gentleness, four pm, the sun’s one good moment… A new pullover is required. Around our torsos we strap chestnuts, the forest floor, the red-pink of Russula mushrooms. The season contained in the softness of wool.” 

Philippe Delerm, La Première Gorgée de Bière


food in season in October


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