nibbles, dips and canapes

recipe for pumpernickel and salmon sandwiches

Stripy Sandwiches… or Canapés

Saucy Dressings is proud to be the caterer for the Dazera jewellery exhibition this year. Six jewellers had some of the most original and creative pieces in Lon...
chicken liver bruschetta recipe

Chicken Livers on Toast From Dole

We went to have dinner at the Grain de Sel in Dole, a great restaurant whose attractions are primarily its food, and also its position, looking out over the can...
quails eggs and mushrooms recipe

Mushroom-embraced Quails’ Eggs

These juicy morsels are good with drinks before dinner. But if you were to add a bit more cheese and use larger, portobellini mushrooms, you could serve a coupl...