green salad

warm pea, caper and truffle oil salad

Warm Pea, Caper and Truffle Oil Salad

This is a salad which I invented specially to go with sweetbreads, but since then I’ve discovered that it’s good with all sorts of dishes. To ring the changes y...
An interesting recipe for a winter salad of iceberg lettuce, parsley and spring onions

Fresh Titanic Salad

This is good winter green salad - just a bit different from the norm, which goes well with a roast bird. Iceberg lettuce is usually pretty tasteless, but in thi...
seeds and pinenuts for salads

Soy Seeds To Make Your Salads Sizzle

Green salads are quick and useful way to inject a bit of green health into a meal but you can’t get away with simply emptying out the bag of leaves and sloshing...