peach, sheeps' cheese and basil salad

Peach, sheeps’ cheese and basil salad

The salty tanginess of the strong cheese cuts through the sweetness of the peach exquisitely. Both the basil and the pepper add depth.If you like you can gr...
A comforting warm salad of mushrooms and celery.

Lettuce, Celery and Mushroom Salad

A comforting warm salad of mushrooms and celery. For four250 g/ 8 oz mushrooms 200 g/ 7 oz lambs’ lettuce, or any sort of lettuce 1 clove ...
cheats' mayonnaise

Cheats’ Mayonnaise

"Now that I've spent years observing how grand people live I've learnt that the ultimate grand person's food... is not caviar, truffles, virgin olive oil or fan...