I recently had to buy a new bread slicer…. well, in fact it’s not a dedicated slicer of bread, it can slice anything – ham, salami etc… but primarily I use mine for slicing bread to put in the freezer.

I used to have a semi-professional machine made by Braun which was excellent, but they have ceased to make it, so the search was on for a replacement.

best breadslicer

You can vary the width of the slice with greater exactitude thanks to the dial

There are not many on the market and those that are available are mostly cheap, difficult to control, and generally flimsy.

The best of all of them, at a reasonable price, was this one by Andrew James. Why?

  • The slicing mechanism is the best I found among the smaller, domestic slicers
  • The on/off button is big and easy to get at
  • You can vary the width of the slice with more exactitude thanks to the calibrated dial
  • The hinges open wider so that it is easier to clean
  • The guard protects your fingers better against unwanted severing!
  • You can take the blade off completely for cleaning and changing


However, if you are looking for something truly professional, look no further than the superb result of a Cannon and Cannon and Italian specialist company, Noaw, collaboration – this slicer.


best bread slicer

It’s easy to access the on/off button


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