With March we are beginning to see the end of winter. We’re beginning to enjoy longer days and the first daffodils are starting to appear. Although the weather is still cold, other plants are also starting to sprout, the mint and sage to revitalise itself and parsley and chives are also appearing. Spring onions, purple sprouting broccoli (with the first crop appearing even in February)  and cucumbers are all new to the list of food in season in March.

This year particularly there are many opportunities for celebrations. There is St David’s day on 1 March if you are welsh (or even if you are not), there is Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) on 4 March, then on March 17 there is St Patrick’s Day if you are irish (and again, even if you are not), and then on 30 March there is Mothering Sunday (aka by shops as Mother’s Day). And of course there is National Marmalade Week – which is in fact very international. And on March 25 in the USA it’s pecan day, and in Greece it’s Greek National Day!

food in season in March


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