A new delicatessen has opened up opposite my hairdresser… and I went in.

Now – what do I do with this truffle honey I found I’ve just bought?

  • smoked salmon, greek yoghurt, and truffle honey on a sort of bagel – this idea has been snaffled from the wonderful tapas bar Quimet & Quimet – go to this review for a description to make you drool – I didn’t think I would have dared to use so much honey until I tried it myself – wonderful.

truffle honey with smoked salmon

Truffle honey with smoked salmon – surprisingly wonderful!

  • as a glaze for a pheasant, pigeon or chicken breast, mixed with chopped thyme and grinds of Indonesian long pepper
  • with ricotta and prosciutto on grilled ciabatta
  • with whisky and walnut oil as a marinade for steak
  • bake a brie in the oven for about twenty minutes and then drizzle the honey on top, serve with smoked almonds and warm crusty bread
  • over seared scallops – perhaps also with some lime or lemon juice
  • with ricotta as an elegant pudding
  • drizzle over thin slices of fried, breaded and spiced aubergine
  • just seen a tweet by The Urban Kitchen. Proud aunt, Toral Shah, has just found her nephew declaring his love for Manchego cheese and truffle honey sandwiches. You could substitute the Manchego for British cheeses, Lord of the Hundreds or Corra Linn. In fact, truffle honey seems to work well with many sheeps’ cheeses – try also on thin slices of pecorino,


Note: my honey was made with black truffles, but you can also buy honey made with white truffles – in terms of the honey you can combine either with the flavours suggested above, the white truffle will probably have a slightly stronger taste.

Salt cod tempura with truffle honey and dried fruit

Salt cod tempura with truffle honey and dried fruit

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